About HexaTech

HexaTech Inc. has developed a proprietary crystal growth process that yields single crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) boules ideally suited for the fabrication of high-quality AlN wafers. High-performance AlGaN semiconductor devices currently face a crucial challenge in terms of achievable device quality. Fabricating these devices on lattice-matched, highly thermally conducting, single crystalline AlN wafers enables sophisticated, next-generation AlGaN-based devices with vastly superior performance and device lifetimes.

To address new market opportunities, HexaTech is developing several product lines:

Ultraviolet LEDs

Nitride LEDs based on AlN substrates are capable of generating light in the UV-C band (200nm to 260nm). Light at 260 nm efficiently breaks up DNA and de-activates bacteria and viruses in water and on surfaces. UV-C LEDs operating in this wavelength range enable a new generation of products in disinfection, water purification and healthcare applications.

Power Conversion Devices

High electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and high-performance Schottky diodes are needed for efficient power conversion. Whether converting between AC and DC or shifting voltages up or down, power conversion applications are ubiquitous. For applications such as hybrid vehicles and wind/solar electricity generation, power conversion efficiency is absolutely critical. AlN-based power conversion devices hold the promise of providing the ultimate in efficiency.

AlN Wafers

To accelerate the development of next generation UV-C LEDs, lasers and detectors, HexaTech is providing AlN wafers to selected partners. By providing wafers with 10,000 to 1,000,000 times fewer defects than competing technologies, HexaTech's AlN wafers enable breakthrough performance in the fabrication of high Al content AlGaN-based devices.

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