AlN Growth Process

HexaTech has developed unique and proprietary process technology for manufacturing the world’s highest quality AlN single crystals. Since its founding in 2001, HexaTech's research and development efforts have yielded a wealth of proprietary knowledge in the field of III-Nitride compound semiconductors, and has successfully combined the benefits of physical vapor transport (PVT) and seeded growth for highly reproducible and scalable production of AlN single crystals.

Starting with inexpensive, commercially available AlN powder, we grow single crystalline AlN boules in custom built furnaces at temperatures exceeding 2000°C. The boules are then sliced into wafers, polished and characterized.

HexaTech has accumulated more than ten years of AlN crystal growth process expertise, and our world-leading technology, core patents and manufacturing know-how represent a sustainable competitive advantage.

HexaTech AlN boules

PVT process