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HexaTech currently offers single crystalline AlN substrates in c-plane and m-plane orientation.

Please contact HexaTech Sales for details on available wafer sizes, pricing and lead times.

HexaTech single cystalline AlN wafers

Specifications: single crystalline AlN substrates

Part Number Orientation UV Transparency Typical Applications
AlN-10 c-plane No Power Semiconductors, Laser Diodes
AlN-20 m-plane No Power Semiconductors, Laser Diodes
AlN-30 c-plane Yes UV-C LEDs
AlN-50 c-plane Semi UV-C LEDs
AlN-60 m-plane Semi UV-C LEDs

AlN single crystalline substrates

Next generation devices demand advances in semiconductor materials. UV-C LEDs, high performance power conversion devices and high power, high frequency RF devices all must be made using AlGaN epitaxial layers that have high Al concentrations (above 60%). The key to manufacturing these high performance devices is the ability to produce high quality AlN wafers on which these epi layers are laid down. Our competitors are relegated to building AlN-based devices on sub-optimal wafers such as sapphire or SiC. Without access to single crystal AlN substrates, these suppliers must implement exotic, expensive fabrication techniques to compensate for the mismatch in materials. From a market perspective, the results have been both disappointing and predictable; devices riddled with defects that don’t meet the performance or reliability needs of the customer.

By building devices directly on native AlN substrates, HexaTech’s process shows 10,000 to 1,000,000 times fewer defects than the next best technologies. HexaTech’s high quality substrates translate to devices with the best performance, reliability and production yields.

HexaTech began commercial sales of AlN substrates to selected partners in 2010. Thus far, these extraordinary substrates have enabled our customers to obtain never-before-seen performance for both UV LEDs and UV Lasers.

HexaTech AlN Wafers